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Did you know that when you’re fitted for a crown, it normally takes two visits? Dental crowns need to be very tough, so developing them takes some time. Learn more about the second visit associated with crowns by reading on.

After your primary fitting visit, we will send out your dental impression to a dental lab that will form the permanent dental crown, and we will schedule you a later checkup to fit the crown once we have received it from the dental laboratory. During this application visit, Dr. F. Todd Wortham & Seth Jorgensen will review the fit and shade of the permanent crown to make sure that it’s a great fit for you. (Since dental crowns are so vital, we have to make sure they’re of the greatest quality. Only the best for our clients!) If the final crown passes our evaluation, we will numb your tooth a second time and adhere the dental crown into your mouth. We may also set up an additional visit in the future to make sure your new dental crown is working suitably.

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