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As you age, several risks to your physical and dental health can begin to occur. This is because your body naturally begins to decline with age. Your muscles will become weaker, your bones will become more brittle, and you can find yourself struggling with everyday tasks that were once easy to accomplish. Unfortunately, the same is true for your oral health. Your teeth will begin to wear down and decay over time, so it is important to exercise caution with your oral hygiene routine.

To keep your smile safe, always make sure you are using safe and effective tools for your oral health care. This includes non-abrasive products including brushes with soft bristles and non-abrasive toothpaste. It is important to have non-abrasive cleaning tools, as it can lower your risk for dental abrasion. Also, remember to avoid brushing your teeth immediately after eating or after being sick. Instead, use cleaning utensils such as water flossers or try chewing sugarless gum.

If you have dentures, it is important to make sure you clean them on a daily basis. Dirty dentures can lead to a heightened risk of contamination, so it is important to make sure you are always clean them by soaking them in a denture-cleaning solution each night.

If you have issues with your oral health associated with your dentures, assess the foods you are eating and determine where the damage is occurring. Avoid hard snacks or other tough or chewy products that can easily chip and crack your dentures. Just as hard products can chip and crack your regular teeth, they can often do the same to your dentures. If damage ever occurs to your dentures, bring them to your dentist for repairs.

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