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Dr. F. Todd Wortham and Dr. Seth Jorgensen use cavity detection technology to diagnose tooth decay in the earliest stages of development. When cavities are identified and promptly treated, it saves you time and money, and prevents you from needing a more extensive restorative procedure later on. Give us a call at 907-885-2436 and 907-280-9585 to learn more about cavity detection technology in Valdez, Alaska, and make your appointment with our dentists at Foothills Dentistry.

Our cavity detection system is painless and quick. When a cavity is detected, this system alerts our team, and we can then determine the most appropriate plan to repair the tooth and halt the progression of the decay in your mouth before it can cause further damage.

Often, this device can detect cavities before it becomes visible to the naked eye, allowing us to provide treatment in the earliest stages of development. Our cavity detection system may even detect tooth decay before it can be diagnosed via dental X-rays. Treatments for tooth decay in this stage are more comfortable, less expensive, and preserve more of your original tooth structure.

For more information about cavity detection and to schedule an appointment with our dental professionals, please contact our practice today.