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Do you have broken or damaged teeth that are in need of a major restoration? If so, CEREC® dental crowns are the perfect option, as they are designed to cover broken or damaged teeth and conceal them down to the gum line for full protection and functionality. Preparing your smile for a better future begins with CEREC.

Temporary crowns are seldom customized for each user, and thus are often uncomfortable and problematic. CEREC dental crowns can be milled directly at your dentist office without the need to wait for them to arrive from a lab. Because CEREC crowns can be made in one visit, the need for a temporary crown is eliminated. Why suffer from a temporary crown when CEREC can give you the one you need in a timely manner?

Not only can CEREC technology and materials be used for dental crowns, but they can also be used for dental fillings as well. If you have any cavities that need to be dealt with, CEREC fillings can repair your problematic teeth and give you a durable filling for added protection against cavities and tooth decay.

If you would like to schedule a CEREC treatment with Drs. F. Todd Wortham & Seth Jorgensen and the rest of our team at Foothills Dentistry, simply call our dentist office at 907-885-2436 for an appointment in Valdez, Alaska. The path to a healthy smile starts today!