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It is important to be prepared for tooth hazards in order to have a wonderful smile. The more you do to protect your smile; the lower your risk will be for dental damage or oral accidents that can occur. Because tooth hazards can take on many forms, it is always a good idea to exercise caution with products that you consume. In addition, never use your mouth for any task for which is not assigned.

Never try to open products with your teeth, as doing so can easily cause dental hazards to arise. Not only can it chip and crack your teeth, but it can even completely knock teeth out. As an alternative, always have scissors or bottle openers handy to open products without the use of your teeth.

Avoid sticky or chewy sweets that can easily stick to your teeth. This is because they can linger long after eating them and become risks for dental erosion. In addition, soda, sports drinks, and food juice are all extremely sugary products that should be avoided as much as possible. These products are packed with sugars that can be converted into harmful acids in your body and lead to dental erosion.

Always make sure you’re keeping snacking at a minimum. If you are overloading on snacking, you are increasing the time at which tooth decay can occur. If you’re snacking too frequently, your teeth will be at an increased risk for food debris and food bits in your mouth. In addition, it can lower the saliva in your mouth and make you more susceptible to oral health ailments. Avoid snacking too frequently or stick to snacks that are low in starch and sugars, such as carrot sticks.

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