Valdez Office:


  Are your teeth yellow, stained, or discolored?  
  Would you like your teeth to be whiter?  
  Do you have gaps or spaces between your teeth?  
  Are your teeth turned, crooked, or uneven?  
  Are you missing any teeth?  
  Do you see any pitting or defects on the surfaces of your teeth?  
  Are the edges of your teeth worn, chipped, or uneven?  
  Do any of your teeth appear too small, short, long, or large?  
  Do you have any prior dental work that looks unnatural?  
  Do your crowns or bridges appear dark at the edge of your gums?  
  Do you have any gray, black, or silver fillings?  
  Do you have any gray, black, or silver fillings?  
  Are your gums red, sore, puffy, bleeding or receded?  
  Do you have a “gummy” smile?  
  Does the appearance of your smile stop you from smiling or laughing?  
  Do you smile with your lips closed instead of flashing a full smile?  
  Are you self-conscious about your teeth or smile?  

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