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Are you ready to make your mouth look better than ever this summer? If so, avoid hazardous foods and drinks that continually work actively against the health of your teeth and gums. To protect your smile from hazardous food, check out the following information:

– Foods that are highly acidic can eat away and wear down the tooth enamel layer that protects the inner working of every tooth. If the enamel is worn down far enough, cavities will occur, with infections and tooth loss soon to follow.

– Not only should sugary candies be avoided due to their sugar levels, but the sour flavorings that make the sweets so acidic are almost as acidic as battery acid in terms of pH levels.

– Be careful when biting into substances that are too hard for your teeth to handle. If you bite too hard you can easily break or crack your teeth.

– Most foods and drinks that have a sweet taste are loaded with sugars, one of the key causes of dental erosion. Bacteria in your mouth take sugars and convert them to acids in your mouth that contribute to dental erosion and cavities.

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