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Root canal treatments can be used to help you keep your natural tooth after the inside pulp of your tooth has become infected. The root canal therapy is a great long-term option for helping remove discomfort while allowing you to keep your tooth.

Our dentists, Dr. F. Todd Wortham and Dr. Seth Jorgensen, are happy to help you with your oral health and wants to let you know about some of your options. That’s why our team at Foothills Dentistry in Anchorage, , want to give you some information about root canal therapy.

Root canal therapy is a shorter treatment that typically only takes one or two appointments to complete. In those appointments you will first receive an oral x-ray to verify your condition.

During your treatment your comfort will be a priority, and your infected tooth and the area surrounding the infected tooth will be numbed. Once you are comfortable, the infected tooth’s nerve that travels inside the tooth into the base of the tooth in the root canal, will be removed. After sealing the tooth to make sure no further infection or disease will be able to affect your tooth, your treatment will be finished.

Once you have given your mouth time to recover, you should feel less pain than you experienced before the treatment. With the process finished and with normal daily care, your restored tooth can last a lifetime.

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